DogWorld Rules and Regulations



DOGWORLD is a private dog park. Only members and daily guest pass holders are permitted to use the park.

DogWorld is not responsible for injuries or damage. Use of the dog park is at your own risk. You are responsible for your dog and any injuries caused by your dog or to your dog.

Dogs must wear their personality collars at all times within the park.

Dogs must be under site and voice control by their owners at all times.

Children under 14 are only allowed during designated family hours and must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

Dogs must be up to date with bordetella, distemper/parvo and rabies vaccinations. 

Scoop The Poop!!!!



Dogs must wear their personality collars at all times within the park.

Watch your dog for aggression to other dogs or humans at all times.

Keep your dog’s leash with you at all times in case they need to be leashed. 

Dogs must be under site and voice control by their owners at all times.

If aggressive behavior is observed, take immediate action: either move your dog to another part of the park, or leave the park.

If you see a dog without a DogWorld personality collar please notify a park official immediately.

No prong, pinch, choke, or shock collars allowed within the fenced areas.

No hitting, bullying, or yelling at dogs. Anger issues should be taken out on someone who doesn’t love you unconditionally. Please let your dog have uncontrolled fun.

Watch dogs for signs of exhaustion while using the park, especially in warm temperatures. Give hot and tired dogs fresh water and a break in the shade.

If you suspect your dog is not having fun, please respect their wishes and take them home.

If a dog fight happens stay calm and act immediately! Call you dog back to you even if your dog is not involved in the altercation. If your dog is involved in the argument quickly leash your dog and remove your dog(s) from the premises.

 Puppies must be 4 months or older unless it’s for a puppy socializing class or similar event.



One member may have up to four dogs on a single membership.

You or one of the family members listed on your membership must be with your dog(s) at all times in the park.

Only the dogs that are listed on your membership are allowed to enter under your membership. 

Please notify us immediately if there are changes to the canine or human members in your household.

Members may bring up to 3 human guests at any time. For larger groups please notify us at least 48 hours in advance. 

Foster dogs and the dogs of visiting friends and family are eligible for entry with guest passes on a case by case basis. 

Membership is non-transferrable.



Unleash your dog only within the double gated areas. 

Lock all gates behind you.

Don’t crowd the entrance gates.

Please respect our neighbors’ privacy.



By order of the North Carolina Board of Health only dogs are allowed in the pool where there is water.  

Humans may enter the “beach” area of the pool to throw balls and teach their dogs to use the steps.

Any human that goes in the water will be asked to leave the park. Members that enter the water more than once will have their memberships revoked.



The reactive dog area is available by appointment and limited to one dog or family of dogs at a time.

Do not enter if someone else is in this area.



No glass containers

No alcohol

No smoking

No feeding anything to someone else’s dog without permission from the dog’s owner.

Please use your best judgement when bringing food, non-alcoholic drinks and treats to the park.