Sign up on Gingr by September 15th

Hi DogWorld Family,

We are going to require that you be signed up on Gingr by September 15th. If you are not signed up on Gingr by September 15th, then we will have to deny you access to the park, regardless of membership status. The reason for this is we will not be able to confirm the vaccination status of your dog on our old system after September 15th. If you are struggling to register and upload your vaccination files, please email your questions to "" with the subject line "Gingr Registration". 


The link below will take you to the image that you see. That is where you will continue your registration process.


For further clarification, we will not be accepting reservations on Gingr until September 15th. If you would like to schedule a day pass prior to September 15th please visit the "day pass" section on our website and click the "day pass" button to continue your reservation process.